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Case Study: 
Aramco Services

Services: eStrategy Assessment

Pono Group provided eStrategy Assessment for Aramco Services’ North American operations, addressing enterprise web strategies, web content management, enterprise workflow, knowledge management, information warehousing and enterprise strategies for SAP web integration. These assessments outlined measurable ROI improvement through strategies addressing:

  • Integration of SAP B2B architecture for eProcurement initiatives to reduce procurement costs and streamline information resources to vendors and suppliers.

  • Implementation of middle-tier architecture for enablement of SAP resources.

  • Implementation of SAP Employee Self Service to reduce HR management costs

  • Consolidation and standardization of web architectures and development environments.

  • Implementation of dynamic, managed web content system to improve information workflow and reduce IT administration costs.

  • Consolidation of data resources in data warehouse to provide current information and reduce IT management costs.

  • Implementation of web based knowledge management systems to provide critical information to ASC management.

Pono Group performed a technical evaluation of vendor offerings addressing web content management, personalization, enterprise portal services, web workflow and web Enterprise Application Integration. Pono Group additionally provided strategic planning of portal interfaces for Aramco’s enterprise Oil Spill Response operations, integrating middle-tier architectures, Microsoft Digital Dashboard web interfaces, and enterprise resources including SAP, Oracle data warehouses, and enterprise legacy systems.

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