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Company Culture

Our Culture

People Make The Difference

Pono Group's success or failure is defined by its highly talented and skilled staff. We recognize that by contributing to the success and well being of our people that it will benefit us all. By forging a spirit of advancement with our employees, clients, and partners, we all stand to gain.

Sound Minds, Bodies and Spirits

We want our people to build successful careers balanced by their successful personal lives. Success in business is a hollow victory without family or friends to share it with.

The reality of our business is that, in order to be successful, our people will need to travel and occasionally work extended hours. Our challenge as a company is to support our people's efforts to achieve a balance between their families and the career they have chosen.

Our people need to be able to build a career path of their choice. Our contribution to them is to provide the tools and the encouragement to explore their limits. We want to empower our people.


It is impossible to schedule your life. Illness, births, and emergencies do not have a schedule. Our people will know that we place their family first and that we all need to be flexible enough to meet life's challenges together.


Relationships are built through trust, integrity, openness and respect towards others. Our business will be built and judged by our relationships. The people of Pono Group need to weigh their every action in how it will reflect on our colleagues, our clients, our partners, and our company. This commitment to our relationships will mean that sometimes we will have to say no to good business opportunities because it will compromise our values.

Life Is Too Short

Let's have fun in all that we accomplish. We need to strive to enjoy ourselves in both work and play. We should be able to laugh at ourselves and keep our perspective in life. We need to seek ways for our people to enjoy their lives and to live them to their fullest.  

Family First

Family first!  They are why we work.

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