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Case Study:            Jones Business Systems

Services: eStrategy, eBusiness Integration

Pono Group assisted Jones Business Systems Inc. (JBSi), a leading distributor of Unix based computing solutions, in extending their sales channels and reducing operating costs, through the development of web based order processing interfaces and supply chain integration with enterprise ERP systems. This initiative was driven by three primary requirements, (1) a reduction of operational costs associated with order management through automation of order to fulfillment processes, driven via the Web, (2) improved customer service through 24/7 online order management and availability-to-promise integration, and (3) enhancement of the customer interface through dynamic content, catalogs, dynamic pricing configuration, and user interface analysis and site redesign.  

Pono Group implemented critical interface, middleware, and back office components to provide capabilities for JBSi’s channel partners and customers to dynamically configure systems online, manage configuration profiles, check availability, process online orders and review account and order status information from JBSi’s web site. The implemented systems provide seamless order to fulfillment processes, integrating online order processing, Available-To-Promise supply chain integration, ATP analysis, dynamic pricing configuration, web account/ order reporting, and dynamic product catalogs, integrated with enterprise ERP and order processing systems. Internally, web based interfaces provide capabilities to manage system components, including online catalogs, dynamic pricing configuration, sales order processing, account management, and dynamic content.  

JBSi’s self-service customer management system has reduced operational costs associated with help desk and order management through automation of order to fulfillment processes, provides an enhanced customer service interface operational 24/7, and enables real-time order management and dynamic configuration for JBSi’s channel partners. JBSi was recently named as one of the top 500 leaders in e-commerce (Interactive Week). "At its heart, JBSi is a bricks and mortar company, but we've learned to use the Internet to successfully communicate with our customers," commented Bruce Parsons, president of JBSi. "Our bricks and clicks approach helps us deliver online ordering and back-office status reporting to our customers in a timely and easy-to-use manner."

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