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Case Study:               Rhodia

Services: Business Intelligence implementation

As a global leader in the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, Rhodia sought a high-performance knowledge management solution for monitoring and analyzing market data. Rhodia turned to Pono Group  for its expertise in business intelligence and knowledge management. As a Business Objects partner, Pono Group delivers integrated business intelligence solutions and develops advanced knowledge management tools. Pono Group implemented a data mining and business intelligence solution enabling modeling of Rhodia’s business processes, and market account views based on highly varied data: history, competitive monitoring, forecasting, macro-economic data.

Pono Group additionally provided architecture strategy, design, and implementation of enterprise intranet solutions focused at the integration of a number of existing and future intranets into a consistent technical architecture. Pono Group provided assessment of existing systems, and delivered a technical architecture map detailing a consistent systems specification and development environment across the enterprise. Pono Group additionally provided specifications for web content management, workflow, personalization of enterprise content for user roles

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