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Services:                SAP

Pono Group assists our clients gain greater business value from their SAP technology through our end-to-end solutions in planning, building, and managing SAP application software.


Through our service offerings, Pono Group will assist our clients to align their SAP operations with their business strategy, implement new technology to enable that strategy, and continuously optimize existing SAP technology investments to meet your ever-evolving business needs. 

  ·    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  ·    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  ·    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  ·    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  ·    Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)  

Industry Solutions

  ·    SAP Oil & Gas (IS Oil & Gas)
  ·    Aerospace & Defense (A&D)
  ·    SAP for Public Sector (IS-PSCD)
  ·    SAP for Retail (IS-Retail)
  ·    SAP for Utilities (IS-Utilities)

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