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Why Choose The Pono Group?


We believe the best way to learn about our company is to ask the people who know us best: our clients, our consultants, and our partners. The comments below provide first-hand insight into what makes us different and why so many organizations choose Pono Group for their consulting and staffing needs!

• What Pono Group Clients Are Saying
• What Technical/Functional Professionals Who Work For Us Are Saying
• What Partners Are Saying

What Pono Group Clients Are Saying:

A Major Global Software Company Executive said: 

I consider Pono Group to be a valuable partner within my IT organization due to several key success factors. The first factor is the effort they spend understanding our business model and our organization. The second factor is their top-notch consultants who immediately make a positive impact on the challenges we are facing. The third factor is timely delivery.

In the five years we have been doing business with Pono Group they have consistently brought real solutions to the table and, with the current low levels of unemployment in the ERP environment, they have created one of the most unique sourcing components I have ever seen in this business. Based on these consistent results, I would strongly recommend Pono Group to any client who is looking for that niche consulting company.

A Major Software Company Executive said:  

Pono Group has been the consulting vendor-of-choice within our A&D SAP space. We have also used their professional services group to augment projects on several occasions. Since I have little time to review resumes, I trust them with bringing in qualified consultants when needed.  We've had a close working relationship with Pono Group and would recommend them to other companies in need of high-end SAP consultants.

A Global Oil and Gas Company:

For the past several years, when I've had short and long-term projects where I needed SAP consulting expertise, I've reached out to Pono Group first! They understand our environment and who will fit best from the application side and the business side.

Pono Group's professional services staff have SAP consulting experience, so they don't just look at words on resumes but go deep into the candidate's background to ensure we have the best consultants for our positions. Pono Group is a first-class consulting organization.


What Technical/Functional Professionals Who Work For Us Are Saying:

A Pono Group Contract Consultant:

I have been a contract consultant with Pono Group for over 5 years and have worked for several major consulting firms for the past 10 years. It is refreshing to see a professional services company whose staff understands what I am looking for and don't waste my time with projects that don't fit. And, more importantly, they seek out my counsel on how they can improve their services, which, to me, shows they are a company who constantly strives to meet BOTH the client and consultant's needs.

A Pono Group Contract Consultant:

Pono Group is the best company I've ever worked with in terms of getting paid. I really appreciate it!

A Pono Group Staff Consultant:

I have been fortunate to be working as a full-time SAP consultant for Pono Group and its clients for over 8 years. During this time, all of my experiences, even those that were inherently stressful, with the Pono Group team have been top notch.

As a consultant, you have to rely on a great team to not only support your current engagement, but to be on the lookout for your next one as well. Pono Group's management team and back-office personnel are the best in this business. If this is the type of service you would like, then I would suggest you take a serious look at Pono Group and their team.


What Partners Are Saying:

A Major Software Vendor:

We teamed with Pono Group in 2004 to establish a mutually rewarding partnership, which today continues to cultivate new customer relationships within the IT industry. We provide a powerful change management application for SAP solutions that can enforce and automate virtually any issue capture, approval and migration process in even the most diverse and extensive SAP environments.

With that stated, there are not many consulting firms who understand our unique value and that is why we work with Pono Group's team. Having them as a partner allows us to know that when we are brought into a change control sales opportunity they have scoped out the customer's need and buying criteria. We look forward to expanding our client base with the help of Pono Group's global team and list of marquee accounts.

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