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Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Pono Group is an information Technology and Professional Services company. Pono Group has served over 200 large national and multi-national clients. Pono Group assists corporate organizations to clarify operational understanding by facilitating the flow of ideas, information, and the development of appropriate technology goals and strategies. Pono Group assists these organizations to maximize the value of technology investments by partnering with them to:

  • Create an optimal technology strategy

  • Identify individual technology opportunities

  • Justify the business need for each technology investment

  • Identify the best available solution

  • Identify, recruit and retain the very best consulting and internal resources

  • Design, implement and manage that solution.

Pono Group brings 'The Future' to your business today! We assist our clients to be industry leaders by tapping our deep industry knowledge and our technology thought leaders. Pono Group carefully assists our clients to define and implement the appropriate people, process and technology changes required. Through this process, the industry leadership journey can be faster and more reliable.

Today, Pono Group has 200+ large national and international clients across all major industries, through 4 major service offerings, including:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (SAP)

  • Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise Contract Management

  • Professional Services


Pono Group assists our clients gain greater business value from technology through our end-to-end solutions in planning, building, and managing application software. Through our service offerings, Pono Group will assist our clients to align their operations with your business strategy, implement new technology to enable that strategy, and continuously optimize existing technology investments to meet your ever-evolving business needs.

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